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History of In Staid Grace

After the completion of the first demo recording for Rainwound, multi-instrumentalist Brandon Strader began writing the material for the first In Staid Grace work. The first demo recorded in 2005 is very fuzzy because it was recorded using what most musicians would consider to be "training gear." The material was recreated for the first album, Tribulation, which was released after a long delay on May 25th, 2007.

The band was originally known as Satanic Dirge, yet the name was happily changed to In Staid Grace late in 2007. Tribulation was recorded throughout the year of 2006, and the writing for Revelations began during the Christmas season of 2006. The recording for Revelations took place during the Christmas season of 2007, throughout 2008, and ultimately finished in early winter 2009.

Strader wanted to allow his friends to be a part of the album by performing some part of the production, from guitar solos to lyric writing. Some friends dropped out due to the difficulty of the material, while others eagerly agreed to share their talents.

Pictured left to right: Brandon S., Daniel Wong, Amalgamoth, Zaragil


Brandon Strader Daniel Wong Amalgamoth Zaragil

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